Big Oz Organic Flakes Millet Gluten Free, 500g

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Organic Flakes Millet Gluten Free, ingredients: 100% organic millet flakes

About Organic Flakes Millet Gluten Free,

Millet is a mild-flavoured grain and a good source of carbohydrate. These organic flakes are 100% pure millet and are naturally salt and cholesterol-free. Big Oz Millet Flakes are particularly suitable for Coeliacs and those on Gluten or Wheat Free Diets. It's soft, cohesive texture and quick cooking make it ideal for side dishes, stuffing, burgers and casseroles. Small amounts cooked with stews and soups provide body. Leftover cooked millet splashed with dressing easily forms the basis for a grain and vegetable salad. The grain's crunchy texture and mild flavour make it a nice change from more familiar grains. Try combining millet with quinoa, brown rice or basmati rice for interesting flavour and texture combinations.

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