Inspiral Visionary Foods Organic Incan/Cape/Golden Berries 100g

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Organic Incan/Cape/Golden Berries ingredients: 100% organic whole raw inca berries

About Organic Incan/Cape/Golden Berries

Mineral and Antioxidant-Rich Wonderberries, the Incan Goldenberry, commonly known as the Cape Gooseberry, is native to South America and loaded with beneficial nutrients. Incan berries contain antioxidants, bioflavanoids, Vitamins C, A , B1, B2, B6 and calcium, phosphorous, fibre, pectin and even protein!

These delicious dried delicacies are simultaneously sweet and sour. They make an ideal on the go snack and can be used in salads, on cereal or in desserts. We eat ours straight from the bag, on raw granola or with raw chocolate for a tangy sweet treat!

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