Nakd Cola Flavoured Raisins no sugar added 25g

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Cola Flavoured Raisins no sugar added ingredients: Sundried raisins, natural cola flavour (derived from cola nut).

About Cola Flavoured Raisins no sugar added

These cola infused raisins are a superb sweet treat. They are simple raisins that taste like cola...brilliant! And the best thing is, they are completely natural and good for you.

We think that children will especially like these due to their natural sweetness. They are like little sweeties - and a clever way to enjoy one of their 5-a-day.

- Just like sweets without additives, no sugar and no preservatives. - Great for snacking, baking and sprinkling! - 100% natural, fat free and no added sugar. - 1 bag equates to 1 fruit portion.

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