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Dog Food Vegan ingredients: Corn, Corn gluten, Corn oil, Rice protein, Linseed, Beet pulp, Potato protein extract, Brewer's yeast, Vitamins and minerals, L-Carnitine. Also contains linoleic acid (6.90%).

About Dog Food Vegan

Ami 'Small Size' Dog is a complete vegan dog food from Italy, suitable for smaller breeds and is a useful option for puppies and young dogs. It has a higher level of protein and other nutrients and cat food sized pieces which are perfect for small mouths.

Ami derives its protein from corn, rice and potato, which provide all the amino acids required for maintaining healthy muscles, bones and organs.

Ami Dog Small Size is produced in Italy, where it is sold through veterinary clinics as a hypoallergenic dog food for the treatment of dogs with various food sensitivities - often accompanied with symptoms such as itches and scratching.

Ami Dog is meat free, dairy free, egg free, wheat-free and soya free. This means that Ami Dog provides a useful food for controlling the most common food intolerances in dogs, which are to beef, dairy and wheat, but also for a far smaller number of dogs having problems with soya.

Ami Dog is enriched with vitamins and minerals, omega 3 and 6 oils and contains no GMO's, artificial colours or preservatives.

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