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Kalamon Olives ingredients: Olives, water, salt, vinegar, extra virgin olive oil.

About Kalamon Olives

Delicious whole black Kalamon olives from Greece. Previously all Kalamon olives were known as Kalamata olives, but since Kalamata is a place and their olives now have a Protected Designation of Origin from the E.U., you can only call Kalamon Olives Kalamata if they actually come from the 10 mile radius around Kalamata. Kalamata olives grow on Kalamon trees.

Unlike most green and black olives, Kalamon olives are a deep, rich aubergine in colour. When they are soaked in vinegar or brined, they may appear almost dark brown or black. On the tree, these purple almond-shaped fruits are hard to miss because of their beautiful colour. They also tend to pack more meat than the average black variety.

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