Magnifood Smooth Energy Supplement 50capsules

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Smooth Energy Supplement ingredients:




Ashwagandha Root 200mg

Avena Sativa [Green Oat Seed] (fresh freeze dried, organic) 200mg

American Ginseng (fresh freeze dried) 100mg

Rhodiola Root Extract (fresh freeze dried) 100mg

Stabilised Rice Bran 100mg

Ginger Rhizome/Root (fresh freeze dried - organic) 25mg

Cayenne Pepper (fresh freeze dried - organic) 5mg

Vegetable Capsule Shell 236mg

Inositol 100mg

Magnesium (as oxide, citrate) 100mg

Pyridoxal 5-Phosphate (P 5-P) 2mg

Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin) 500ug

About Smooth Energy Supplement

Ashwagandha Root - Like ginseng and rhodiola, ashwagandha has historically been used for its adaptogenic properties and may support energy metabolism and nervous system health. While certain adaptogens possess a more stimulating influence on the nervous system, the properties of ashwagandha are considered to have the opposite influence - while at the same time supporting energy metabolism.

Avena Sativa (Green Oat Seed) - The milk stage of oat seeds provides one of the most soothing and gentle, tonics for supporting healthy nerves. In addition to gramine and avenin, milky oat seeds are a rich source of nerve tonifying B-vitamins and minerals.

American Ginseng - One of the most researched of adaptogens, American ginseng may help support healthy adrenal function and energy metabolism. While panax ginseng is normally considered a 'yang' tonic In Chinese medicine, American ginseng is classified in this system as a 'yin tonic'. Research suggests that the balance of ginsenosides in American ginseng may indeed favour a much less stimulating influence on the nervous system compared to Korean or Chinese forms of panax ginseng.

Rhodiola Root - Rhodiola has significant adaptogenic properties and may support energy metabolism, healthy neurotransmitter balance, mental performance and nervous system health.

Stabilised Rice Bran (SRB) - SRB has one of nature's highest concentrations of nutrients involved in energy metabolism and nerve health such as B-vitamins, alpha lipoic acid and co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10).

Ginger Rhizome/Root - In addition to its common use in helping maintain healthy circulation, ginger is also often used to help facilitate distribution of nutrients in the body.

Cayenne Fruit - The fruit of cayenne pepper is often used as a tonic to help maintain healthy circulation. It is also commonly used to help facilitate distribution of nutrients in

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