Terra Nova Milk Thistle Supplement 500mg 50capsules

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Milk Thistle Supplement 500mg ingredients: Milk Thistle Seed (fresh freeze dried - organic) 500mg

About Milk Thistle Supplement 500mg

A natural Milk Thistle supplement from Terra Nova. Nature's best known plant for maintaining healthy liver function, milk thistle has been the subject of a huge number of scientific studies validating its benefits. The outcome of this research validates the common use of milk thistle in supporting proper liver and gall bladder health, liver cell regeneration and healthy detoxification processes. Some of the most remarkable protective effects of milk thistle seed appear to be associated with the profound antioxidant activity of certain active compounds. Although much of the investigation has focused on the silymarin flavonolignans, as with all plants, milk thistle seeds containing many other compounds as well which possess biological activity.

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