Viridian Organic Kelp 600mg 90vegcaps

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Organic Kelp 600mg ingredients: 600mg ascophyllum kelp providing 420mg of iodine. Sustainably harvested from the pristine arctic waters off the Norwegian Coast.

About Organic Kelp 600mg

Rich source of trace minerals including iodine for thyroid support (hypothyroidism). Provides vitamin E- alpha, beta, gamma tocopherol, EFAs including EPA / AA. Rich source of antioxidants polyphenols known as phlorotannis. Brown seaweeds are particular rich in carotenoids especially in fucoxanthin, beta carotene and violaxanthin - shown to protect against free radical damage. Immune supporting polysaccharides (fucodians) - anti-inflammatory / anti-viral (herpes). Cholesterol-lowering and gut-protective polysaccharides. Rich in detoxifying oceanic plant fibres.

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