Symphony Environmental d2W Pedal Bin Liner Refuse Sacks 100% Degradeable Vegan 30bags

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Pedal Bin Liner Refuse Sacks 100% Degradeable Vegan ingredients: Dimensions : 17" x 18"

About Pedal Bin Liner Refuse Sacks 100% Degradeable Vegan

Plastic is strong, durable, versatile, lightweight, safe and inexpensive. It is made from a by-product of oil refining which would otherwise be wasted, so nobody is importing oil to make plastic products. However, the problem identified by governments and NGOs around the world is that plastic does last rather too long if it gets into the environment and especially in the oceans. Symphony has found the answer to this problem. Symphony's d2w additive put into the plastic at the extrusion stage will make the finished product oxo-biodegradable so that it will degrade and disappear in a short timescale, leaving no fragments, no methane and no harmful residues. Degradability is not a disposal option - you can still re-use and recycle - it is low cost insurance against the accumulation of plastic waste in the environment.

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