La Terra e il Cielo Organic Wholewheat Linguine Pasta 500g

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Organic Wholewheat Linguine Pasta ingredients: Finest organic durum wheat grain and uses pure spring water of the Appennines

About Organic Wholewheat Linguine Pasta

Organics Wholewheat Linguine Pasta from La Terra e il Cielo. They select only the finest organic durum wheat grain and use pure spring water of the Appennines Mountains to make its pasta. They do not use pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. Compared to the traditional method, their 48 hour low temperature drying process preserves the protein content in order to provide a nutritional product for you to serve at your meals. Cooking time is 7 minutes.
Colour: Wholewheat

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Customer reviews

I received an order today and this product was part of it.
Lush is the first word that comes to mind.
I have never tasted pasta this good, in my life.
Cooks beautifully. Tastes amazing. So easy to cook.
I will be buying much more of this pasta in the future.

By Heidi Cullen on 30/06/2017

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