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Optimum Blend Bath Salts ingredients: Whole pink himalayan mountain salt, persian blue salt, halite white salt.

About Optimum Blend Bath Salts

The Optimum Blend is a mix of Himalayan Pink, Persian Blue and Halite White salts, which together provide an extended range of minerals to benefit your general health and to give noticeable relief from skin and joint ailments.

Analysis has revealed that Whole Pink Himalayan Salt contains over eighty minerals and trace minerals, which occur in a similar ratio to the mineral content of the human body.

When dissolved in water, the salt, and its minerals, can be absorbed through the skin; they are then assimilated easily as they are in their natural state and when the body has attained its optimum salt and mineral levels, it can work at its best, benefitting many functions such as digestion and metabolism, the nervous system and muscle tone.

Usage : Wash or shower first. Dissolve 1kg salt in hot water, then add cool water and adjust until the bath reaches body temperature. Immerse yourself and relax for half an hour - do not wash off, but wrap yourself in a soft towel and lie down until dry. Use about twice per week for health treatment, once a week for general well-being.

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