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Sumac ingredients: 100% Sumac Berry Granules.

About Sumac

Sumac from Al'Fez Morrocan Cuisine.A deep red berry granule with a wonderfully sharp and tangy taste.

Serving Suggestions: Sumac is great sprinkled on kebabs and in salads. You can add it to rice and couscous for fantastic colour and flavour. Delicious sprinkled in hot and cold sandwiches. Why not impress friends by sprinkling Sumac around your favourite Al'Fez dish, adding colour and creativity.

An independent reviewer Suzy Baccini Gow says "Swapping seasonings can completely change the taste and 'feel' of a dish. Noodles with tomato, garlic and basil scream 'Italy', the noodles with sesame, ginger and garlic have a distinct Asian flavour. In the same way, sumac is an ingredient that is quintessentially middle eastern. Now that I've experimented with and tasted sumac, it's an ingredient I plan to always keep on hand to add instant middle eastern flavour - allowing me to instantly transform a 'tired' recipe into something new." Al'fez Sumac is 100% Sumac berries that have been dried and crushed into tiny, dark magenta granules that have an intense sweet/sour, citrus aroma and flavour. The bushes that the berries are harvested from can be found all around the Mediterranean and therefore feature in Middle Eastern and Arabic cuisine. The crushed berries are often used to add a tangy 'zing', subtle 'fruitiness' and vibrant colour to salads and marinades for meat, seafood or vegetables. Sumac is also a key ingredient for a common Middle Eastern spice blend called Za'atar. Like many other berries, sumac has a high antioxidant rating (ORAC) of over 1500 µmol TE/g. Sumac has also been historically used as an aid for digestion and to reduce fevers.

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