Clearspring Umeboshi Plums Gluten Free 1kg

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Umeboshi Plums Gluten Free ingredients: Japanese ume plums* (88%), sea salt (11%), shiso (perilla) leaves.

About Umeboshi Plums Gluten Free

Clearspring Organic Umeboshi are tart, tangy, salt pickled ume plums that have long been a vital part of Japanese cuisine and folk medicine. Small pieces add zest to sushi and rice balls and can be rubbed onto cooked sweetcorn or used in other dishes. Taken alone, umeboshi flesh has been traditionally used as a digestive tonic. Umeboshi are a concentrated food and only a small amount is needed.

Clearspring Organic Umeboshi plums are produced on a small scale by the Sogawa family at Ryujin village in Wakayama, the best known ume fruit growing area in Japan. The Sogawas are passionate about small scale farming and food production, managing their orchard using organic methods and following the traditional slow practice of lactic acid pickling when making their exquisite umeboshi. The Sogawa family are exceptionally skilled in using traditional methods which is why their organic plums are amongst the finest umeboshi products in Japan.

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