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Purple Corn Supplement Vegan ingredients: Purple Corn Extract (7:1) Powder

About Purple Corn Supplement Vegan

Purple corn is a crop from the low Andean valleys region, and is locally called "maiz morado". Purple corn is a common plant in Peru and can grow in coastal areas, as well as areas with high altitude (up to 10,000 feet). It is a plant which is greatly revered in Mayan culture; it is said to be the plant of remembrance. It is a very ancient plant, and like eating algae, eating it connects us to our ancient cellular memory.

Purple is the colour associated with the third eye, or pineal gland, and we do not get enough purple food in our diet. Taking it in such a pure form as this extract, helps us get the purple ray into our auric field, and makes us feel more whole.

It should be noted that this is the extract, a 7:1 concentration, and as such, you need very little purple corn extract to feel the effects; just an eighth of a teaspoon is enough to begin with. Add to smoothies, puddings and milk to make beautiful purple drinks and desserts. You will not notice any effect from using plain purple corn powder - it has to be the extract.

For thousands of years, the people of the Andes have soaked Purple Corn to make a refreshing drink called chicha, which is now recognised as a nutritive powerhouse due to its extremely high anthocyanin content. Anthocyanins are the purple pigment also found in our acai powder, red wine and blueberries. CG3, the anthocyanin found in Purple Corn, is among the most potent antioxidants in existence.

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