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Organic Raw Sea Spaghetti ingredients: Organic Sea Spaghetti. Sea Spaghetti is also known as Espagueti de Mar and in Latin Himanthalia elongata. May contain traces of gluten and crustaceans.

About Organic Raw Sea Spaghetti

This seaweed is harvested in Spain, and looks like tagliatelle. Soak it for at least an hour, preferably overnight, to get it nice and tender. Eat it with a simple dressing of olive oil and vinegar, smother it in mayonnaise, or drown it in tomato sauce, it's always a nurturing and fulfilling meal.

Algamar is a pioneer in the harvesting, processing and direct productionof sea vegetables and has the legal recognition of the Autonomous Regional Government and its Department of Fishing, Shellfishing and Aquaculture. As harvesters of wild edible algae, the company has a "Waters Exploitation Plan", approved annually by the public Fishing Authority and published in the Official Bulletin of Galicia (DOGA). This plan guarantees that the resources taken from the sea are renewable and maintain the balance of the ecosystem. Organically certified by Consello Regulardor da Agricultura Ecoloxica Galicia.

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