Dr Martin's Organic Coconut Water With Banana 500ml

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Organic Coconut Water With Banana ingredients: Pure coconut juice (80%), banana pulp (18%), citric acid from concentrate (2%).

About Organic Coconut Water With Banana

If you think coconut juice is milky and white, you would in fact be wrong. Coconut juice is actually a refreshingly clear liquid (also known as coconut water) found inside all young, green coconuts. Dr Antonio Martins Coco Juice is extra-special in that its been tapped from fresh, organic coconuts according to a patented process that ensures it has never come into contact with light or air. In other words, we've fooled the juice into thinking it's still inside the coconut.

Despite sounding sneaky, this is in fact a good thing because you get to drink the juice as Nature intended, virgin, pure and organic, with no preservatives of any kind. It is the same as drinking from a freshly cracked coconut on a tropical palm-fringed beach - but a lot easier and without the sunburn.

Dr. Antonio Martins Coco Drink Banana enhances concentration since it provides the body with the required fluids to help maintain the necessary water-electrolyte balance.

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