Pukka Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 300ml

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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil ingredients: Organic coconut oil.

About Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a light massage oil which can also be used for healthy cooking. Pukka use a high grade, cold pressed organic oil extracted from the inner white coconut flesh. It is a lovely light massage oil that is easily absorbed into the skin and used in Ayurveda for pitta types due to its cooling properties. It is particularly beneficial for dry skin. Please remember that coconut oil is solid at room temperature and should be gently warmed prior to use.

Coconut oil is also highly nutritious and delicious when used in cooking due to its content of lauric acid which is used for boosting vitality. It is rich in medium chain fatty acids which are easy to digest and are immediately converted into energy rather than stored as fat. Our organic coconut oil has a pure neutral flavour.

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