Traidcraft Together Green Kitchen Rolls 2pack

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Together Green Kitchen Rolls ingredients:

Made from 100% recycled paper collected within the UK

About Together Green Kitchen Rolls

Buying recycled paper products is a great way to care for the world and its people

100% Recycled, Average 60 sheets per roll, Sheet size 228 x 225mm.

For a start, this kitchen roll is made from 100% recycled paper collected within the UK. This means that no forests are cut down to provide the materials and the amount of paper ending up in landfill sites is reduced. We think this is a great way of protecting our planet's natural resources.

When you buy this kitchen roll, you're also contributing directly to building up a fund to enable Traidcraft to support Fairtrade producers from some of the world's poorest countries.

This means that you're helping other people to access many of the things that we take for granted... like having enough money to buy food for their children, to send their children to school, or even to provide a latrine or toilet for their family.

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