Dr. Stuart's Blueberry & Acai T-Bags 15bags

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Blueberry & Acai T-Bags ingredients: Hibiscus, apple parts, rosehips, orange peels, natural blueberry flavour, sweet blackberry leaves, blueberries 4%, acai berries.

About Blueberry & Acai T-Bags

This blueberry and acai berry tea is naturally caffeine free. It is made using only herbs of the highest quality, picked from the most prized parts of plants. Blueberry contains high levels of potassium, phosphorus, vitamin K and good levels of vitamin C. Potassium helps the cardiovascular system; phosphorus works alongside calcium strengthening bones and teeth; vitamin K helps with bone clotting and calcium levels in the blood; vitamin C is good for general health and well being. Acai berries are also very nutritious and one of the high antioxidant fruits. It contains high levels of vitamin C and many others.

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