Raw Health Organic Provencale Crispbreads Gluten Free, Vegan, 100g

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Organic Provencale Crispbreads Gluten Free, Vegan, ingredients: Golden flax seeds* (27%), Brazil nuts*, Buckwheat hulled and germinated* (23%), Carrots*, Pumpkin seeds*, Garlic*, Dried Rosemary* (1.5%), Unrefined sea salt. (*= Certified Organic Ingredients) made from raw ingredients which have not been heated above 42c.

About Organic Provencale Crispbreads Gluten Free, Vegan,

Tasty crispbread, full of flavour from the rosemary, basil and other herbs, perfect to serve to guests or as a treat for yourself. These organic and raw flax and buckwheat crispbreads are infused with vibrant Provencal flavours. They are alive, active and packed with power. Raw Health use organic raw ingredients and where possible soak and sprout them to bring their natural vitality to life. Then they make delicious snacks at low temperatures to ensure the health-giving nutrients and enzymes stay alive and well.

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