Tyrrells Mixed Root Veg Chips 150g

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Mixed Root Veg Chips ingredients: Mixed root vegetables in variable proportions (beetroot, parsnip and carrot) 65%, sunflower oil, sea salt.

About Mixed Root Veg Chips

Hand cooked natural beetroot, parsnip and carrot chips lightly sea salted. Tyrrells are the only small UK chip maker to grow our own potatoes and process them into delicious chips on the farm, controlling the whole process from seed to chip (it takes 12 months to make a Tyrrells Potato Chip!) "Our chips can be eaten as part of a healthy common sense diet along with plenty of broccoli and lots of exercise."

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Customer reviews

These are GREAT!! But the flavour is very strong, so the 150g bag is definitely too much for only 1 person. So my advice is, unless you are sharing, go for a smaller bag!

By Cernunnas on 16/02/2013

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