Conscious Chocolate Organic Mint Hint Raw Chocolate Gluten Free, no added sugar, Vegan, 50g

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Organic Mint Hint Raw Chocolate Gluten Free, no added sugar, Vegan, ingredients: Raw cacao powder and cacao butter, coconut butter, wild raw carob, raw agave nectar, Himalayan crystal salt and raw spices, with essential oil of peppermint.

About Organic Mint Hint Raw Chocolate Gluten Free, no added sugar, Vegan,

Made with therapeutic grade essential oil of peppermint. Cacao solids 60% minimum.

This bar is as creamy as it is minty, leaving you with an amazingly clean and refreshing taste that doesn't overpower. This bar is a taste bud sensation.

As with all the Conscious Chocolate range, this is an organic, raw, handmade and hand wrapped chocolate bar that is free from pesticides, dairy, soya and gluten. It has a low GI and GL making it suitable for diabetics as it is naturally sweetened with agave nectar.

Raw Cacao is classed as a superfood and acts as a superfood - feeding the body with essentials fats, vitamins and minerals it needs. Yes, that is right - chocolate can be good for you if the cacao content is over 70%. In fact small amounts of raw cacao can be good for you eaten at any time of day, even breakfast! Conscious Chocolate is made from the best, most pure raw cacao and other pure natural ingredients. It has no added sugar and is suitable for vegans. Knowing the benefits of raw and living foods and a pure diet Conscious Chocolate set out to make a super delicious, super healthy chocolate, that could be eaten and enjoyed by every one no matter what diet they may follow. This chocolate can be enjoyed by vegans, people who are on sugar free, or Gluten Free diets, by diabetics and raw foodists. It is made from ingredients that have been grown without the use of synthetic fertilisers or pesticides. The methods of processing are at temperatures lower that 114F or 42'C, so all the nutritional attributes of the ingredients remain intact. Essentially this chocolate is the best dark chocolate you have ever got your hands on. It will be appreciated by all chocolate lovers universally. Conscious Chocolate is a small cottage industry, as every part of the process is lovingly done by hand. All the chocolate is packaged in recycled materials making it conscious wrapping for conscious chocolate.

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