Ombar Organic Blueberry & Acai Raw Chocolate Gluten Free, 35g

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Organic Blueberry & Acai Raw Chocolate Gluten Free, ingredients: Raw cacao*, coconut sugar*, cacao butter*, blackcurrant powder*, raspberry powder*, blueberry powder* (3.3%), acai powder* (1%). Cocoa solids 60% minimum.
*certified organic.

About Organic Blueberry & Acai Raw Chocolate Gluten Free,

Ombar's Organic Blueberry and Acai Raw Chocolate. The combination of powerful acai and blueberries with floral Ecuadorian cacao makes for an intense berry blast of a chocolate bar. And thanks to the super low temperatures used, the delicious berries are still brimming full of nutrition!

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My joint favourite OMBAR flavour  (along with the goji one that tastes like Easter egg chocolate). The sharpness of the berries tastes fantastic with the chocolate, an absolute treat with none of the downsides for my skin or mood that I get with sugary or dairy based chocolates.

By on 27/09/2017

I have my doubts about any suggestions that the acia powder used in this could help with weight loss, but it certainly enhances the flavour of this raw chocolate bar. I love it and during my weight loss program I have allowed myself one square occasionally as a special treat or reward for doing well.

By Tilly White on 21/08/2013

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