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Organic Chai T-Bags ingredients: Rama and Krishna Tulsi (varieties of Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum)), Assam Tea (Camellia sinensis), Chai Masala (ginger, black pepper, clove, green cardamom. brown cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, mace).

About Organic Chai T-Bags

Organic Tulsi Chai is the extension of Masala Chai, the aromatic spiced tea which has been the Indian drink of choice for hundreds of years.

This all time favourite blend of freshly ground spices now comes to you with the added goodness of Assam Tea and Tulsi (Holy Basil), making a delicious, satisfying and healthy beverage.

Tulsi's unique restorative properties make it an ideal supplement to help cope with today's stressful and challenging environment. Renown as a general tonic and vitaliser, The Elixir of Life, Tulsi is used in hundreds of different traditional herbal formulations and is enjoyed as a simple, delicious tea.

One of the most cherished healing herbs of India ,Tulsi has been used for centuries to reduce stress, support strength and stamina, promote immunity, and enhance calm and clarity.

Dr Narendra Singh, the world's leading authority on Tulsi has spent three decades researching this precious herb. His studies have found it to be an excellent adaptogen (anti-stress), anti-inflammatory, enhances stamina, endurance and immunity, improves digestion and useful in chronic diseases, found in his monograph (detailed scientific research), 'Tulsi The Mother Medicine of Nature'

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