Suma Organic Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Beans 1kg

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Organic Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Beans ingredients: Organic Coffee Beans. Decaffeinated.

About Organic Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Beans

Swiss Water Decaf Coffee Beans. This is a deliciously clean, milk chocolaty coffee with a deep, resonating flavour. A rounded body and mellowed acidity make this coffee particularly suitable for all day drinking.

The organic, shade grown coffee originates from a range of Fairtrade certified cooperatives in Latin America and the Far East. The green coffee was subsequently decaffeinated by the Swiss Water Process in accordance with organic processing guidelines. The Swiss Water® method of decaffeination focuses on the concept of "flavour charged water" from which the caffeine can be extracted through the use of carbon electrodes. This allows the coffees natural flavours to be re-absorbed by the coffee bean, without using any chemicals or solvents, so the coffee's intrinsic character remains intact.

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