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Apple Tea ingredients: Sugar, acidity regulator: citric acid (E330), antioxidant: ascorbic acid (E300), anti-caking agent: tricalcium phosphate (E341), natural identical apple flavour, colouring : caramel (E150)

About Apple Tea

Turkey's national fruit tea, Elma çay (elma cay) available here as an instant granulated fruit drink, apple tea.

Turkish Apple tea (or Elma çay as it is called in Turkey) is not really a tea, but is a fruity delicious drink based on the black tea brew from Turkey (but containing no black tea). Hazer Baba have taken the national soft drink of Turkey and made it available as apple tea crystals. Convenient and versatile, Turkish Apple tea is excellent hot as a winter warmer, or thirst quenchingly delicious when served cold and iced in summer. Just sit back and imagine you are sipping Elma çay in the tea gardens of Turkey.

How to prepare Hazer Baba Turkish Apple Tea: place two teaspoons of the apple tea mixture into a suitable cup, pour in hot water and stir, sugar to taste. Alternatively for a cold refreshing drink place one tablespoon of the mixture into a glass pour in cold water and stir.

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