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Still Spring Water ingredients: water

About Still Spring Water

Due to the nature of the rocks in the Ardennes through which rain passes on its journey of natural purification before it evolves to become SPA, the mineral level of the SPA waters is exceptionally low. This uniquely low mineral content makes it an ideal choice for mothers-to-be, new mothers and those with young children who need to be sure that they are choosing the best water they can for their and their family's needs. In general SPA Natural Mineral Water is a healthier choice than other waters, and has a clean neutral taste, perfect as an accompaniment to food.

SPA is uniquely low in minerals - only 33mg and 49mg per litre for SPA Reine (Still) and SPA Barisart (Sparkling) respectively. The very low mineral level means that SPA is easily absorbed and hydrates effectively. SPA is 'the original source' from the town of Spa in Belgium from where we derive the term 'SPA'.

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Good taste at a very good price.

By Yvonne Reid on 20/08/2014

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