Che Mate Organic Green Mate Tea Leaves 500g

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Organic Green Mate Tea Leaves ingredients: Organically grown Green Mate leaves. Produce of Argentina.

About Organic Green Mate Tea Leaves

Revitalising and refreshing herbal infusion used for centuries by the South American natives.
Colour: Green

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Customer reviews

I love this tea & I previously bought six packs of it from your shop online ~ now, suddenly, it's no longer available to buy online! Why? I've no easy way of getting it since I live so far away from any suppliers of this lovely tea! :(

By Bernadette Bailey on 30/03/2014

This is excellent Mate. If you would like to feel lovely, alert and rejuvenated, I highly recommend that you purchase this product.

By Betsie on 29/03/2013

For me this works better than coffee as a wake me up drink and has none of the unwanted side effects that too much coffe can cause.

By Oliver Saunders on 24/10/2012

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