Amisa Organic Spelt Crispy Muesli 500g

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Organic Spelt Crispy Muesli ingredients:

Whole grain spelt flakes, dried fruits (sultanas with sunflower oil, dates, apricots, apples (2%), raspberries (0.9%), blackberries (0.9%), spelt flakes, (wholemeal spelt flour, raw cane sugar, corn malt, sea salt) spelt pops (8%) (spelt, honey) honey, sunflower seed kernels, almond bittle (2%), (toasted almonds, raw cane sugar, honey, corn syrup), sunflower oil, rice flower, cinnamon.

About Organic Spelt Crispy Muesli

This Spelt Crispy Muesli is great tasting and crammed with fruit, berries, nuts and seeds. Spelt is the main grain base of this delicious crispy muesli. Spelt is an ancient relative of modern wheat but, unlike wheat, it has not been subjected to hybridisation and intensive farming. Spelt is highly nutritious, it contains more protein than wheat but less gluten. Some people with wheat intolerance can eat spelt.

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