Dragonfly Tea Organic Rooibos T-Bags FairTrade, 40bags

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Organic Rooibos T-Bags FairTrade, ingredients: Rooibos Tea

About Organic Rooibos T-Bags FairTrade,

This tea is naturally organic and guaranteed by the Fairtrade Foundation to meet international Fairtrade standards.

Known for its unique health properties, Rooibos is also a rich natural source of antioxidants. The absence of caffeine makes it an ideal, gently relaxing drink at any time.

This Fairtrade Organic Rooibos is a refreshing tea that is grown by small cooperatives of farmers in remote parts of the magnificent Cape coastal mountains of South Africa where it has been enjoyed for centuries. It is still harvested by hand and cured naturally in the sun.

Dragonfly Rooibos tea is bought directly from the farmers. The Fairtrade certification guarantees that the smallest scale producers can compete at an advantage in the global markets.

The price is set and remains fixed above normal market levels and the income is shared equally amongst the cooperatives members. This gives them greater financial stability and allows them to invest in their own futures with new machinery, better healthcare, schools and housing in the community.

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