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About Organic Jasmine Moonlight Green T-Bags

Delicately scented with fragrant blossom. No bitterness.

Moonlight Jasmine Green Tea comes from a small organic tea garden in an isolated mountainous region of South China where the villagers still make tea by hand in the traditional way.

It is a fusion of green tea and the heady fragrance of night-flowering jasmine flowers. The delicate white blossom is picked in the morning and kept cool through the day. At night, when the blossom is at its most fragrant, it is layered with the green tea for several hours. The process is sometimes repeated for several nights until the tea absorbs the flavour.

It takes years of skill to judge just when the exquisite scent of the jasmine blossom has reached a perfect balance with the slight astringency and natural sweetness of the tea.

Organic Moonlight Jasmine has a light, delicate and faintly aromatic taste with a fragrance that lingers on the palate. Scented only with the finest blossom, it is fresh and floral in tone.

It is a refreshing all-day drink, good as a digestive complement to food - and not just Chinese. It's particularly good with oilier foods.

Like all green teas, Dragonfly Moonlight Jasmine Green Tea is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols while Jasmine is also considered by herbalists to be effective against stress and depression.

'A word of caution - jasmine oil and artificial flavouring are sometimes added to lower-grade jasmine teas to heighten the aroma. This practice ruins the delicate taste and character of the tea.

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