Clearspring Organic Apple & Blueberry Puree no added sugar, 2x100g

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Organic Apple & Blueberry Puree no added sugar, ingredients:

Organically grown apples (80%) and blueberries (20%).

Made in a dedicated nut free factory.

About Organic Apple & Blueberry Puree no added sugar,

100% organic Apple and Blueberry fruit dessert, versatile enough for a quick healthy snack, as a yoghurt or cereal topping or as an ingredient for a fruity organic pudding. The fresh organic fruit in this dessert undergoes a brief, delicate low temperature steam treatment, which keeps fibres, vitamins and proteins intact. 2 x 100 gram pots

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Customer reviews

My husband eats one of these after dinner every day - he finds it much better than having to peel and core an apple

By Oliver Saunders on 20/08/2012

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