Real Foods Organic Long Grain Brown Rice Italy

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Organic Long Grain Brown Rice Italy ingredients:

Organic Long Grain Brown Rice. Sourced from Italy.

About Organic Long Grain Brown Rice Italy

A long slender whole grain, fibre-rich, nutritious and chewy. Organic Long Grain Brown Rice stays firm when cooked. It is suitable for most western and Indian recipes and makes a fine side dish . Cooking Long Grain Brown Rice: only the hull has been removed leaving natural bran layer intact. It takes longer to cook than white rice because the outer layer is harder, approx 40 minutes ( 1 part rice/2 parts water).

Organic Long Grain Brown Rice Italy country of origin: Italy

Colour: Brown

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Customer reviews

The longer cooking time can be a nusiance, but the taste is worth the wait. Much tastier than white rice and the grains remain separate so not as stodgy.

By Leah Houghton on 24/10/2012

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