Infinity Foods Organic Buckwheat Roasted Kasha Gluten Free, 500g

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Organic Buckwheat Roasted Kasha Gluten Free, ingredients: Organic buckwheat 100%.

About Organic Buckwheat Roasted Kasha Gluten Free,

These pure buckwheat groats are Gluten Free, as buckwheat is not actually wheat. Packed in a nut-free environment. This great grain is fantastic in salads and casseroles or used instead of rice or cous cous. It has a delicious, nutty flavour.

Whole roasted kasha is quick to cook. Just boil it for 10 - 15 minutes and the little grains swell and soften. Once cooked, they are easy to combine with a main meal or to have as part of a side salad. Kasha can be used instead of rice or cous cous or it can made into a salad. Uncooked, kasha can be sprinkled into a casserole or soup or on top of baked or roasted food to add a bit of crunch.

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Gluten Free Kasha Porridge Recipe

Summary: Porridge can basically be made from any grain. For a change from the much loved oats, try this version featuring kasha, or roasted buckwheat. Buckwheat is related to rhubarb and despite the name, is not related to wheat at all and is actually gluten-free.

Dairy Free Egg Free Gluten Free No added sugar Nut Free Plant Based Vegan Vegetarian Wheat Free