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Organic Caraway Seeds ingredients:

Organic Caraway Seeds.

About Organic Caraway Seeds

Caraway Seeds are actually a fruit! The dried fruits or seeds, brown in colour are hard and sharp to touch. They have a pleasant odour, aromatic flavour and leave a somewhat warm feeling in the mouth.

Caraway seeds contain appreciable moisture, protein, fat, substantial amount of carbohydrates besides ash, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, iron, thiamine, riboflavin and niacin. They also contains vitamins C and A.

Use them in soups, coleslaws, potato salads, and throw a few in when cooking cabbage. Caraway has been known to be a gas-releasing and anti-spasmodic digestive aid due to its essential oils, which are carvone, carveol, and limonene. These oils make caraway an effective remedy for flatulence, colic, and bloating. In addition, the limonene released when chewing fresh caraway seeds is said to help combat bad breath.

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I love to add carraway seeds to a basic bicuit dough. Yum. Happily the rest of the family love these biscuits too.

By Olivia James on 09/09/2015

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