Molenaartje Organic Carobella Snackbar no added sugar, 45g

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Organic Carobella Snackbar no added sugar, ingredients: Cocoa butter, milk powder, dehydrated corn glucose syrup, dehydrated barley malt syrup, powdered whey, carob powder (9%), vanilla. Verified organically grown

About Organic Carobella Snackbar no added sugar,

Molenaartje has an extensive range of cocoa, carob (no cocoa added) and Soyabella (no cocoa and milk added) products, crisps, snacks and cakes, and is well known for its use of grain syrups as sweeteners. Molenaartje products contain only selected organic ingredients to retain their nutritional value where possible. Resulting in delicious, well balanced products. All ingredients are as unrefined as possible, and produced according to organic standards. Molenaartje offers a wide range of products for those who cannot or do not wish to use sugar, cocoa or milk and for those who choose for a 100 per cent vegetarian diet.

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