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Vanilla Pods Real Foods each
The Vanilla plant is actually part of the orchid family and is one of the o ...

Price: £0.85
Buy 12 for £9.18 (Save: £1.02)

Millet Flour gluten free, Vegan Bob's Red Mill 500g
Bob's Red Mill Whole Grain Millet Flour is nutritious, gluten free and 100% ...

Price: £3.49
Buy 4 for £12.56 (Save: £1.40)

Self Raising Flour gluten free, wheat free Bob's Red Mill 500g
Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Self Raising flour is a multi-purpose and user-f ...

Price: £4.69
Buy 4 for £16.88 (Save: £1.88)

Chocolate Cake Mix dairy free, gluten free Bob's Red Mill 400g
Sweeten all your special occasions, celebrations and whimsical indulgences ...

Price: £4.99
Buy 4 for £17.96 (Save: £2.00)

Teff Flour gluten free Bob's Red Mill 500g
Teff Flour is a pleasingly light, uniquely flavored, 100% whole grain flour ...

Price: £6.49
Buy 4 for £23.36 (Save: £2.60)

Peanut Power Bar gluten free, Vegan Trek 55g
Trek Peanut Power Wholefood Energy Bar. Trek's fantastically wholesome Pean ...

Price: £1.15
Buy 16 for £16.56 (Save: £1.84)

Chocolate Brownie Mix dairy free, gluten free Bob's Red Mill 400g
Bob's Red Mill have taken all of the guess work out of dessert with their e ...

Price: £4.99
Buy 4 for £17.96 (Save: £2.00)

Pancake Mix 7 Grain ORGANIC Bob's Red Mill 500g
Brighten your day with the sweet aroma of fluffy, piping hot pancakes or wa ...

Price: £4.29
Buy 4 for £15.44 (Save: £1.72)

Cocoa Chaos Bar gluten free, Vegan Trek 55g
Trek Cocoa Chaos Wholefood Energy Bar. Cocoa Chaos is made with real cocoa ...

Price: £1.15
Buy 16 for £16.56 (Save: £1.84)

Berry Burst Bar Trek 55g
Trek Berry Burst Wholefood Energy Bar. Nothing but nature's best ingredient ...

Price: £1.15
Buy 16 for £16.56 (Save: £1.84)

Banana Blast Bar gluten free, Vegan Trek 55g
Trek Banana Blast Wholefood Energy Bar. Chunky but soft with a touch of cru ...

Price: £1.15
Buy 16 for £16.56 (Save: £1.84)

Caramel Crunch & Sea Salt 65% Dark Chocolate gluten free, FairTrade, ORGANIC Equal Exchange 100g
Here's the bar to satisfy both your sweet and salty cravings. Crunchy caram ...

Price: £2.49
Buy 12 for £26.89 (Save: £2.99)

Raspberry Cake Raw Snackbar Purple Balance 45g
Made using slow air dried raw raspberries. All the ingredients used are gl ...

Price: £1.89
Buy 18 for £30.62 (Save: £3.40)

71% Very Dark Dark Chocolate gluten free, Vegan, FairTrade, ORGANIC Equal Exchange 100g
Vegan, soya and gluten free, this bar is a delicious and rich dark chocolat ...

Price: £2.49
Buy 12 for £26.89 (Save: £2.99)

Orange 65% Dark Chocolate gluten free, Vegan, FairTrade, ORGANIC Equal Exchange 100g
This mouth-watering bar is a blend of smooth dark chocolate and ripe, refre ...

Price: £2.49
Buy 12 for £26.89 (Save: £2.99)

Original Shortbread Rustic Bites Golspie Mill 150g
These speciality shortbread bites are made from organic wholemeal flour, s ...

Price: £2.45
Buy 12 for £26.46 (Save: £2.94)

Lemon,Ginger & Black Pepper 55% Dark Chocolate gluten free, Vegan, FairTrade, ORGANIC Equal Exchange 100g
Sweet and citrusy, the surprising combination of lemon and ginger with dark ...

Price: £2.49
Buy 12 for £26.89 (Save: £2.99)

Pure Maple Water Canada gluten free WAHTA Canada 250ml
Who knew? Legend has it that the First Nations people of Canada spotted an ...

Price: £1.89
Buy 12 for £20.41 (Save: £2.27)

Cranachan Shortbread Rustic Bites Golspie Mill 150g
A truly distinctive Scottish shortbread. These speciality shortbread bites ...

Price: £2.55
Buy 12 for £27.54 (Save: £3.06)

Blackcurrant Fruit Cheese dairy free, gluten free, Vegan Pickled in Scotland 100g
Way before cheese was ever cubed and speared with a cocktail stick and a pi ...

Price: £3.65
Buy 9 for £29.57 (Save: £3.29)
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