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Vanilla Pods Real Foods each
The Vanilla plant is actually part of the orchid family and is one of the o ...

Price: £0.85
Buy 12 for £9.18 (Save: £1.02)

Jam & Marmalade Gift Pack ORGANIC Roots & Wings 3x113g
A gift collection of Roots & Wings bestselling organic preserves, including ...

Price: £7.49
Buy 12 for £80.89 (Save: £8.99)

Jam & Marmalade Gift Pack ORGANIC Roots & Wings 2x113g
A gift pack of a duo of Roots & Wings bestselling jams. Luscious Strawber ...

Price: £6.95
Buy 12 for £75.06 (Save: £8.34)

Christmas Pudding Cello Wrapped Thursday Cottage 112g
Christmas Pudding (cello wrapped) from Thursday Cottage is hand made with t ...

Price: £1.89
Buy 12 for £20.41 (Save: £2.27)

Kalamata PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil Esti 500ml
Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a premium olive oil with protected desig ...

Price: £5.99
Buy 12 for £64.69 (Save: £7.19)

Balsamic Vinegar ORGANIC Esti 250ml
Esti Organic Balsamic Vinegar is produced from Greek grapes of the Agiorgit ...

Price: £4.94
Buy 6 for £26.68 (Save: £2.96)

Kalamata Olives in Brine With Vinegar ORGANIC Esti 300g
Hand selected Kalamata Pitted Olives in Brine with Vinegar. This exquisite ...

Price: £2.85
Buy 12 for £30.78 (Save: £3.42)

Kalamata Olive Spread ORGANIC Esti 100g
Esti Kalamata Olive Spread comes from finely minced Kalamata olives, handpi ...

Price: £2.73
Buy 12 for £29.48 (Save: £3.28)

Demerara Sugar Cubes Billington's 500g
Demerara Sugar Cubes are made from unrefined natural sugar, which has been ...

Price: £1.73
Buy 10 for £15.57 (Save: £1.73)

Pure Coffee Extract Nielsen Massey 60ml
The rich, freshly brewed flavour of this Pure Coffee Extract is achieved th ...

Price: £4.06
Buy 8 for £29.23 (Save: £3.25)

Pure Orange Extract Nielsen Massey 60ml
Pure Orange Extract is bright, sunny and refreshing! Made from the finest-q ...

Price: £4.06
Buy 8 for £29.23 (Save: £3.25)

Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla Bean Paste Nielsen Massey 118ml
This Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla Bean Paste is made with a proprietary blend ...

Price: £6.59
Buy 6 for £35.59 (Save: £3.95)

Cocktail Cherries Epicure 125g
Cocktail cherries are ideal to serve with drinks or for decorating desserts ...

Price: £1.75
Buy 12 for £18.90 (Save: £2.10)

Cocktail Gherkins in Vinegar Epicure 125g
Cocktail Gherkins in Vinegar are ideal for garnishing salads, in wraps, or ...

Price: £1.15
Buy 12 for £12.42 (Save: £1.38)

Honey & Whisky Hot Toddy Epicure 227g
Epicure's Hot Toddy is a combination of naturally sweet honey and aromatic ...

Price: £3.25
Buy 6 for £17.55 (Save: £1.95)

Redcurrant & Port Sauce ORGANIC Roots & Wings 200g
Whole redcurrants have been gently stirred by hand in traditional copper pa ...

Price: £2.55
Buy 6 for £13.77 (Save: £1.53)

English Sage & Roast Onion Stuffing Mix Shropshire Spice Company 150g
English Sage & Roast Onion White Crumb Stuffing Mix is the ideal accompanim ...

Price: £1.59
Buy 6 for £8.59 (Save: £0.95)

Roast Chestnut,Cranberry & Apple Stuffing Mix Shropshire Spice Company 150g
Roasted chestnuts blend perfectly with whole cranberries and sweet red skin ...

Price: £1.59
Buy 6 for £8.59 (Save: £0.95)

Bread Sauce Mix Shropshire Spice Company 150g
Simply add milk to this traditional Bread Sauce Mix, made with the finest n ...

Price: £1.59
Buy 6 for £8.59 (Save: £0.95)

Instant Hot Chocolate FairTrade Clipper 350g
Luxurious seriously velvety Instant Hot Chocolate with a conscience, Clippe ...

Price: £3.59
Buy 6 for £19.39 (Save: £2.15)

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