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Japanese Foods

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Raw Nori Sheets Vegan Real Raw 100sht
Raw Nori is 50% protein by weight and full of vitamins and minerals. Ounce ...

Price: £32.95
Buy 3 for £88.97 (Save: £9.89)

Raw Nori Sheets Vegan Real Raw 50sht
Our Nori sheets are grown in closed tanks to ensure that they are not conta ...

Price: £19.75
Buy 3 for £53.33 (Save: £5.93)

Raw Nori Sheets Raw Living 10pack
These Raw Nori Sheets are made from a sea vegetable which is pressed into s ...

Price: £4.95
Buy 5 for £22.28 (Save: £2.48)

Dulse Seaweed ORGANIC Algamar 100g
Real Foods consider seaweed to be one of the most important basic elements ...

Price: £6.95
Buy 5 for £31.28 (Save: £3.48)

Raw Sea Spaghetti ORGANIC Algamar 100g
This seaweed is harvested in Spain, and looks like tagliatelle. Soak it for ...

Price: £4.95
Buy 6 for £26.73 (Save: £2.97)

Ground,Dried & Milled Seaweed FairTrade, ORGANIC Atlantic Kelp Comany 120g
Hailed as the new Superfood Kelp is fast becoming the ingredient of choice ...

Price: £4.99
Buy 12 for £53.89 (Save: £5.99)

Wasabi Style Horseradish Paste ORGANIC Biona 50g
Mildly hot horseradish condiment, ideal for Sushi or to give extra flavour ...

Price: £2.99
Buy 8 for £21.53 (Save: £2.39)

Gelatine Substitute Agar Agar Flakes Clearspring 28g
Clearspring Agar Flakes, a sea vegetable gelling agent. Clearspring Agar Fl ...

Price: £5.89
Buy 8 for £42.41 (Save: £4.71)

Miso Bouillon Paste Vegan, yeast free, ORGANIC Clearspring 4x28g
Organic Miso Bouillon Paste from Clearspring. Unlike many concentrated vege ...

Was: £2.89
Now: £2.31

Daikon Dried Clearspring 40g
Called Kiriboshi Daikon in Japanese, this Daikon is simply dried, shredded ...

Price: £2.49
Buy 6 for £13.45 (Save: £1.49)

Sweet Brown Rice Amazake Dessert Vegan, ORGANIC Clearspring 380g
Literally translated as "sweet sake" a koji culture converts the carbohydra ...

Price: £3.89
Buy 6 for £21.01 (Save: £2.33)

Sweet Millet Amazake Dessert ORGANIC Clearspring 370g
Clearspring Organic Amazake is a naturally sweet, dairy-free, Gluten Free a ...

Price: £3.89
Buy 6 for £21.01 (Save: £2.33)

Sweet Oat Amazake Dessert dairy free, ORGANIC Clearspring 360g
Amazake is a non-dairy ingredient for desserts and drinks, made purely from ...

Price: £3.89
Buy 6 for £21.01 (Save: £2.33)

Hijiki Clearspring 50g
Hijiki comes as short black strings that are richly flavoured and make a sa ...

Price: £5.99
Buy 5 for £26.96 (Save: £3.00)

Kuzu Root ORGANIC Clearspring 125g
Kuzu or Kudzu is a Gluten Free starch thickener which is derived from the r ...

Price: £6.39
Buy 6 for £34.51 (Save: £3.83)

Mirin Mikawa Sweet ORGANIC Clearspring 150ml
Mirin from Mikawa region (old name for current Aichi prefecture, Japan) is ...

Price: £4.89
Buy 6 for £26.41 (Save: £2.93)

Rice Mirin Clearspring 150ml
It may be used to add depth and balance to stir-fries, sauces and gravies, ...

Price: £2.49
Buy 6 for £13.45 (Save: £1.49)

Barley Miso Mugi Unpasteurised Vegan, ORGANIC Clearspring 300g
Clearspring Organic Barley Miso is rich tasting and darkly coloured and mak ...

Price: £5.79
Buy 6 for £31.27 (Save: £3.47)

Barley Miso ORGANIC Clearspring 300g
Clearspring Organic Barley Miso is rich tasting and darkly coloured and mak ...

Was: £5.79
Now: £4.63

Brown Rice Miso ORGANIC Clearspring 300g
Clearspring Organic Brown Rice Miso is a rich tasting and darkly coloured m ...

Was: £5.61
Now: £4.49

Brown Rice Miso Unpasteurised ORGANIC Clearspring 300g
Clearspring Organic Brown Rice Miso is a rich tasting and darkly coloured m ...

Price: £4.79
Buy 6 for £25.87 (Save: £2.87)

Hatcho Miso unpasteurised, ORGANIC Clearspring 300g
For five centuries, miso craftsmen at the Hatcho Miso Company have followed ...

Was: £5.59
Now: £4.47

Hearty Miso Red Instant Soup Clearspring 4x10g
There is perhaps nothing more important to the Japanese daily diet than a h ...

Price: £3.59
Buy 8 for £25.85 (Save: £2.87)

Instant Miso Soup On The Go Vegan, ORGANIC Clearspring 8g
Miso Soup On The Go is as simple as adding water. Ready to enjoy in just a ...

Price: £1.29
Buy 10 for £11.61 (Save: £1.29)

Miso Instant Soup ORGANIC Clearspring 4x10g
Produced in Japan using the finest organic ingredients. A deluxe wheat-free ...

Price: £3.99
Buy 8 for £28.73 (Save: £3.19)

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