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Nutty Snackbar Gluten Free ingredients: Sunflower seeds (28%), mixed nuts (cashew nuts, pistachio nuts, almonds, hazelnuts) (27%), carob topping (sugar, vegetable fat, soya, carob, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin) (15%), honey, raw cane sugar, vegetable oil, dehulled hemp seed (3%)

About Nutty Snackbar Gluten Free

A uniquely nutritious seed bar made with hemp and an exotic mix of finest quality nuts, this bar is a high quality source of protein. It contains all 9 amino acids, and helps build and repair our bodies. The Nutty 9Bar is the chunky offspring of the Original. It contains a unique mix of nuts and seeds giving it a well, more nutty taste! A Nutty 9Bar contains around 31% seeds and 27% nuts with the usual carob topping. A combination of flavours that blend together giving a deep, rich taste, stacked full of goodness. Nuts, as with seeds, have a high nutritional density, containing a wide range of nutrients, in particular Vitamin B3, great for the skin and mood and folic acid an energy booster that helps keep the heart healthy. If you love active sport or have a busy job a Nutty 9Bar will help keep you going as its packed full of chunky energy.

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