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Milk Powder Skimmed ingredients:

Skimmed Milk Powder.

About Milk Powder Skimmed

Milk Powder is incredibly useful stuff. Its many uses include adding to food to increase creaminess, adding to tea or coffee as a milk substitute or to create a creamy cup without diluting the tea/coffee. It is handy in the cupboard when you unexpectedly find you have run out of milk in the morning, and is worth its weight in gold when camping or out in the wilderness, primarily as it weighs almost nothing. Some people even use it to make White Russians. We're sure you probably have one or two uses of your own!

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Customer reviews

Milk powder is a great store cupboard staple - I like the fact that I can buy in bulk at a better rate and keep stocked up. This milk powder disolves easily which makes it great to use when you have forgotten to buy the fresh stuff.

By Carmel McLoughlin on 23/09/2015

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