Granovita Organic Original Pate 200g

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About Organic Original Pate

A delicious savoury organic pâté made from a blend of tofu, yeast, spices and herbs.

Great on its own, as an indulgent treat or a light snack, ideal for spreading on toast and crackers or using as a dip. It can also be used in sandwiches, as a flavouring for your pasta, a filler in mushrooms or peppers or to accompany and add flavour to your favourite recipes.


Organic Original Pate ingredients: Water, non hydrogenated palm fat*+, cashew nuts*, potato starch*, non-hydrogenated sunflower oil*, tofu* (5%),(soybeans*, water, gelling agent, nigari (magnesium chloride)), nutritional yeast* (5%), onions (3%), tomato paste*, yeast extract* (0.9%), sea salt, spices* (nutmeg, cloves*), herbs* (thyme).
* Organically produced
+ Sustainable palm oil.

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