Real Foods Organic Light Carob Powder

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About Organic Light Carob Powder

Organic Carob powder. A tasty addition to smoothies, cookies and raw chocolates. Carob Powder is a natural sweetener and can be used in cookies and cakes or in place of chocolate. It is ideal for use in dog treats as Carob is not poisonous for them. Carob Powder does not contain caffeine and is rich in phosphor and calcium.

Colour: Light


Organic Light Carob Powder ingredients:

Carob pods. Pods are produce of Italy/Spain, processing is in Italy.

Nutritional values (per 100 gram) (from USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory) Energy 929 KJ 222 Kcal, Protein (g) 4,6, Fat (g) 0,65, Carbohydrates (g) 49 Total sugars (g): 40.5 (supplier) Dietary fibre (g) 9-11 (from supplier) Moisture (g) < 3.5 (from supplier) Mineral (mg) Calcium (Ca): 348 Sodium (Na): 35 Iron (Fe): 2,9 Phosphor (P): 79 Potassium (K): 827 Magnesium (Mg): 54 Vitamins (mg) Vitamin A: 14 IU/ 1 RE Niacin: 1,89 Vitamin B1: 0,05 Vitamin B6: 0,36 Vitamin B2: 0,46 Vitamin C: 0,2.

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Why not try one of our healthy recipes using this product

Raw Vegan Superfood Cacao Chocolate Milk Recipe

Summary: A raw vegan chocolate milk using raw cacao superfood. Use your favourite home-made or store-bought non dairy milk. Can be heated for hot chocolate or warmed gently for warm chocolate (do not exceed 42 degree C to preserve all the goodness in raw cacao) Note on sweetener : if honey is not acceptable to you, substitute with your favourite vegan sweetener.

Dairy Free Grain Free Nut Free Raw Food Vegan Vegetarian

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Joe McGrath This organic carob powder has been a brilliant addition to my smoothies when I feel the need for a chocolate hit. Works really well to keep me away from sugar laden alternatives.