Real Foods TVP Light Mince No Gluten Containing Ingredients

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About TVP Light Mince No Gluten Containing Ingredients

Light TVP Mince, perfect for chilli con TVP! TVP stands for textured vegetable protein, a more accurate name would be textured soy protein, as that's what it's made from. Ideal as a meatless substitute in casseroles, stews and curries, similar to tofu it is relatively tasteless and easily picks up the flavourings and spices of the dish you use it in. Often people marinade it in their preferred taste and then add to a wide variety of dishes.

Our TVP mince is made from soy flour and is relatively flavourless. They require rehydration before use, sometimes with flavouring added in the same step. In its dehydrated form TVP has a shelf life of longer than a year, but will spoil within several days after being hydrated. This can be achieved by soaking it in water or through the cooking process (when used in soups, sauces and other liquids). Generally 1 cup of TVP mince will need 5/8 of a cup of water, leave for 10 minutes and then drain any excess water off. Others prefer to toast the mince lightly before adding it to their stews.

Colour: Light


TVP Light Mince No Gluten Containing Ingredients ingredients:

Defatted Soya Flour, Iron, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Vitamin B12.

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