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Real Foods Organic Lentils Brown

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About Organic Lentils Brown

Brown lentils are ideal in classic vegetarian versions of bolognese, lasagne, moussaka and cottage pie. They require no pre-soaking and around 30-40 minutes cooking. For more information on the cooking times (including pressure cooker timings) and some tasty recipe ideas with pulses have a look at this Real Foods Guide To Pulses.

Pulses are great for reducing cholesterol, digestive upsets and for getting more protein and iron into your diet.

Colour: Brown


Organic Lentils Brown ingredients:

ORGANIC Brown Lentils

Read about Real Foods allergen labelling here.

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Moroccan Vegan Harira Soup Recipe

Summary: Harira is a very popular soup in Morocco and in all of the Maghreb, where it is often eaten to break the fast every night during the Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting. Harira is hearty and satisfying thanks to the chickpeas, lentils and pasta. Usually very thin, angel hair pasta, but I used orzo, a tiny rice grain - like pasta. It is unbelievably fresh and flavoursome thanks to the fresh herbs and the fresh ginger, the cinnamon makes it somewhat sweet, and finally, the saffron just makes it out-of-this-world. Yet, Harira is childishly easy to make. The soup can be eaten on its own or accompanied by couscous.

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Summary: A classic and delicious vegan nut roast recipe, perfect for the whole family to dig in to! Preparation time: 30 mins Cooking Time: 40 mins

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Indian Style Lentils

Summary: Combine this tasty lentil dish with rice for a hearty vegetarian meal. It will provide you with a complete protein as well many health-promoting nutrients.

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david64 RealFoods do the best deal on bulk lentils in the UK. I ordered 25Kg, which was delivered in a reinforced brown bag (pleased no plastic was used). The use by date was 2 years post hence and they still taste great 10 months in.