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About Popcorn

Dried maize kernels for popping.

Place in a hot pan with oil in the bottom and ensure the lid is on securely. After a while and with sufficient temperature the corn will begin to "pop". Keep stirring the pop corn, or shake the pan with the lid on, to ensure the un-popped corn gets to the bottom where the heat is.

Want to prepare perfect popcorn? Here's our How Do I Cook Popcorn guide.

Did you know there are other grains that pop? Find out about all the other popping grains in our Real Foods Guide to Grains article.


Popcorn ingredients:

Dried Maize Kernels.

Read about Real Foods allergen labelling here.

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Lorna Bell Popping corn can be a frustrating process if the corn won't pop properly but with this popcorn from Real Foods I get a high percentage of popped corn and much less frustration. Great.