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About Organic Soya Flour Full Fat ,

Full fat, enzyme inactive soya flour, produced from organic toasted soya beans. Use soya flour to thicken gravies and cream sauces, to make homemade soya milk, or add it to a variety of baked foods. Soya flour gives home baked goods a protein boost. It also keeps baked goods from becoming stale. In fried foods, like doughnuts, soya flour reduces the amount of fat that is absorbed by the dough. It adds a rich colour, fine texture, tenderness and moistness to baked goods.

Since soya flour is free of gluten (although this one has warnings of possible cross contamination in packaging or transport - so is NOT suitable for coeliacs), it gives structure to yeast-raised breads, soya flour cannot replace all of the wheat or rye flour in a bread recipe. However, using about 15 percent soya flour in a recipe produces a dense bread with a nutty flavour and a wonderful moist quality. Just place two tablespoons of soya flour in your measuring cup before measuring all-purpose or other flour called for in the recipe. In baked products that are not yeast-raised, up to 1/4 the total amount of flour called for in the recipe can be replaced with soya flour. Recipes that are developed to use soya flour specifically often use it in higher amounts.


Organic Soya Flour Full Fat , ingredients:

Soya Flour.

Allergens - bulk has possible cross contamination in packaging, production or transportation of gluten, nuts, peanuts and sesame seeds for packdowns see allergen link. Contains Soya.

Read about Real Foods allergen labelling here.

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