Whole Earth Organic Elderflower Juice no sugar added, 330ml

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About Organic Elderflower Juice no sugar added,

Elderflower flavoured drink made with fruit juice. An infusion of the blossoms of the elder tree used to be made into tea, as it was thought to be an antidote against colds. A very delicate, delightfully unusual drink. Whole Earth blend elderflowers with sparkling water and fruit juices to get the taste just right. no artificial colour or flavours. Organic. No Added sugar (sugars naturally present from the fruit).


Organic Elderflower Juice no sugar added, ingredients: Sparkling water, Organic agave syrup, Organic apple juice from concentrate (15%), Organic grape juice from concentrate (3%), Organic lemon juice from concentrate (1.6%), Natural elderflower flavour, Organic elderflower extract.

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After a day of heavy lifting in the blistering sun a friend bought me a can of this to help me cool down. Couldn't have asked for more: light, delicious and refreshing, good stuff!
Callum Abbott Delicious and refreshing - great as a mixer for a summery drink. This one's great as it's sweet but not too much!