Doves Farm White Bread Flour Gluten Free 1Kg

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White Bread Flour Gluten Free ingredients:

Flour blend (rice, potato & tapioca flours), xanthan gum.

About White Bread Flour Gluten Free

Gluten Free Plain White Flour is a blend of naturally gluten and wheat-free ingredients and is a perfect alternative to everyday wheat flour. A blend of rice, potato and tapioca, suitable for bread machines and baking. Certified Gluten Free.

Colour: White

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Customer reviews

Amazing! I just used this flour to make a gluten free loaf in our breadmaker machine: it turned out really well. I used the instructions that came with the breadmaker (which were slightly different to the ones in the packet: water instead of milk, one egg plus egg white instead of two eggs). It still came out beautifully.

By Cristina Delgado Garcia on 24/01/2014

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