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Lanes Lecigran Natural Lecithin Granules 250g

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About Lecigran Natural Lecithin Granules

Lecigran is the natural source supplement to use as part of a low fat and low cholesterol diet. Lecigran granules are the purest form of Lecithin available. Lecithin is a complex mixture of natural chemical compounds called "phospholipids" which consist of fatty acids and a phosphate group linked to choline and inositol. In the human body, where the highest concentrations are found in the brain, liver, kidneys and bone marrow, lecithin circulates in the blood keeping other fatty substances - including cholesterol - in suspension. Directions: Take 1 teaspoonful 3 times daily. Can be sprinkled onto cereals or taken direct from the spoon


Lecigran Natural Lecithin Granules ingredients: Soya lecithin: providing Phospholipids Nutritional Information Each 3.5g teaspoonful typically provides: Phosphatidyl choline Phosphatidyl inositol Choline Inositol Phosphorus Other Information Lecigran is biologically a highly active lecithin complex, rich in phosphatidyl choline, which plays an important part in the breakdown of fat in the liver and the emulsification of fat in food. Lecigran may be chosen as a supplement by those following a low fat, low cholesterol diet. One teaspoonful of Lecigran is equivalent to eighteen 270mg lecithin capsules.

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Raw Vegan Vitamin C Rich Camu Camu Brazil Nut Milk Recipe

Summary: Nowadays, it is no secret that there are plenty of delicious dairy-free milk alternatives for anyone following a vegan diet, with a milk allergy, or just wanting to reduce their intake of animal milk. Brazil Nuts are among my favourite things to make vegan milk out of, as the result is creamy and slightly sweet. Also, Brazil Nuts are one of the only few good sources of the mineral Selenium, so including them regularly in your diet will make sure that you keep your Selenium levels high. I like to add superfoods to my nutmilks, so in this one I add vitamin C rich camu camu. Camu camu is the red - purple berry from a shrub tree that grows in the Amazonian forest in Brazil and Peru. Camu camu has the highest vitamin C content of all plants, 2% to 3 % of its fresh weight is Vitamin C. You can leave out the sweetener, especially if you are going to have the Brazil Nut milk with something that is already sweet. Lecithin acts as an emulsifier, plus it helps the body break the fats down properly, so I always add lecithin to my nut milks. But feel free to leave it out if you don't have any, as it is not absolutely necessary.

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