Earth Friendly ECOS Liquid Laundry 1.478ml

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About ECOS Liquid Laundry

ECOS is formulated to be a truly pure, green and effective 100% natural detergent. With its neutral pH, this plant-based liquid cleans to the most exacting standards, yet is extremely gentle on fabrics. Designed to quickly remove ground-in dirt and stains, ECOS is ultra concentrated. A natural soy softener is built in for soft, static free clothes.

No GM soy is used.

As little as 30ml per load is required for front loading machines


ECOS Liquid Laundry ingredients:

Plant-based surfactant, soap bark, Chamomile, horsetail plant, lavender, rosemary, cellulose based optical brightener, soy based fabric softener, essential oils of magnolias and lilies, purified water.

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